Awards Committee


Each year, current members of NJACAC are invited to nominate other members in good standing as candidates for one or more of several awards recognizing contributions to the Association and the admission counseling profession. The Awards Committee will review nominations and make recommendations to the Executive Board. Awards will be announced and presented at the annual conference. Nominees, and those submitting nominations, must be current members of NJACAC.

The Biunno-Lynes Award (for Outstanding Commitment & Service) (e-board)
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The Biunno-Lynes Award is the highest recognition NJACAC can bestow upon an executive board member (present or past) and recognizes one’s loyalty, dedication and extraordinary service to NJACAC. Past recipients have contributed greatly to the organization over the course of many years, having been elected to the Presidential cycle and other Executive Board positions, serving as active Chairs and/or members on standing Committees, and volunteering for multiple NJACAC-led programs and events. The Award is named in memory of Robert Biunno (1927-1976) and George Lynes (1937-2015), two prominent admission professionals who helped shape the profession and the growth of NJACAC

Special Services Award (e-board)
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Given to an individual who has made exemplary contributions to NJACAC and the admission counseling profession over the course of the past academic fiscal year, recipients of this award are active participants on the Executive Board, leaders of standing committees, and/or participants in professional development activities through workshops and annual conferences. In previous years, recipients of this award have coordinated the annual Bus Tour program, planned the Meadowlands National College Fair, and made other significant contributions to the affiliate.

Rising Professional Award (e-board or regular member)
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This award recognizes admission counseling professionals and NJACAC members new to the profession who exemplify excellence and dedication to serving the needs of students in the transition from high school to college. Further, the award encourages honorees to continue their professional development through active participation in NJACAC activities and programs.

Retiring Member Award (e-board or regular member)
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Given to members who are retiring this calendar or school year, the Retiring Member Award recognizes the members’ significant contributions to NJACAC during their careers in college admission counseling as high school counselors, college admission officers or independent consultants.

Friend of NJACAC Award (non-member)
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Conferred occasionally, the Friend of NJACAC Award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated outstanding support of, and have been advocates for, the goals and objectives of the Association. Nominees for this award may be non-NJACAC affiliated college admission counseling professionals, as well as business, political, educational or community leaders whose contributions to our professional endeavors warrant special notice.

Awards Committee Members

Tony Carnahan Co-Chair
Elizabeth DeMott Co-Chair

Nicole Cibelli
Danielle Epps
Lisa Ford
Monica Mann
Melissa O’Sullivan
Jaclyn Rodriguez
Myra Simpson
Danielle Toglia
Brian Switay
Carolyn Ucci
Susan Wiener
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