NJACAC Invites you to join our NEW Mentorship Program


What is the NJACAC Mentorship Program?

The NJACAC Mentorship Program strives to connect NJACAC members new to the college counseling profession with those having worked in the field for some time. Becoming a mentor/mentee allows the participant to further engage with the NJACAC membership, forging new networking opportunities and professional relationships.

What does the relationship entail?

The relationship you develop with your mentor/mentee is entirely up to you! We recommend that you first connect with your mentor/mentee and get to know one another. Talk about your professional experiences that led you to college counseling; share your resumes; discuss your professional goals and interests. A mentee should feel comfortable reaching out to his/her mentor for assistance; a mentor should be excited about introducing mentees to other organization members. Once you get to know one another, meet prior to programming events or workshops and attend them together.

How do I sign up to become a mentor/mentee?

Please complete and return the NJACAC Mentorship Program Application. Applications are accepted all year long.

Who qualifies to be a mentor/mentee?

Any NJACAC member is welcome to participate in the mentorship program. We suggest that our mentors have at least 3 or more years experience in the college counseling profession. Mentees should have less than 3 years of experience in the profession and/or be new NJACAC members.  All applicants must have a current NJACAC membership.

When should I expect to be matched with a mentor/mentee?

The Committee will meet multiple times during the academic year and will strive to match all interested members at each meeting. However, we may not be able to meet all match requests at each meeting and your application will be kept in the pool.

When should I expect to hear from my mentor/mentee?

The Committee will notify you by email when you have been matched with your mentor/mentee. A successful mentorship relationship requires active participation from both parties; feel free to take the initiative and connect with your mentor/mentee via email or with a phone call.


If you are interesting in becoming a part of the Mentorship Program, please fill out our online application:

NJACAC Mentorship Program Application



Mentorship Committee Members

Melissa Mezzina-O'Sullivan

Kevin O'Sullivan

Jackie Rodriguez

Carolyn Ucci


For questions, email: